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Pesticides in fruits & vegetables used leads to a horrible diseases, so be aware

Pesticides in fruits & vegetables used leads to a horrible diseases, so be aware

fruits and vegetables to stay healthy is essential. To live disease-free and long life is necessary to use adequate fruits and vegetables. The fruits are delicious and bring diversity to our diets. Many with calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and fruits phayatonyutriyansa are able to get by. All these elements have to keep a person healthy and gives us strength to rogapratikaratmaka against diseases. As well as blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and heart problems obesity to prevent. Given all these benefits, one to three eggs per day to each person should take portion. The portion of a banana, a mango, sakkarateti 200 grams, 200 grams of melon, 200 g pineapple or pomegranate may be a smaller size. According to seasonally and locally produced fruits and their proportion may be diverge.
One day instead of two or three different fruits in a fruit strip is advantageous.

There are two sides to every coin. There are many benefits of eating fruits. But there are some problems with it. The concern over the amount of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables also can be treated like a human. Bacteria, phangasa, mites, etc. can destroy fruit trees. The fruit can be mature even after the infection. The chemicals are used to preserve some sort. How the chemical could harm your health, we will tell you about it today.

Pesticides can enter your body & hurt

Fruit tree to preserve the soil and sometimes the drug is sprayed on the tree. These drugs may enter the land and fruit over fruit also can stick. Pesticides can enter your body, eating the fruit of such damage. Of course, many precautionary measures are taken to avoid such side effects. First of all do not harm the health of the agricultural productive use of limited quantities of medications. Government standards and the World Health Organization has framed rules are required to comply with the rules. Environment and Food Department often does not harm the consumer by tests conducted by the authorities are fostered. In spite of all the rules and fostered many fruits and vegetables more than the limit of the amount of pesticides found.

Pesticides side effects:

Different regions of the world to preserve fruits and vegetables of different types of drugs are used. Pesticides used in the United States, mainly etrajhina, malathiona and is karbabendajhima.Chemicals used once after some years have not been in the water or soil. Similarly, the body, they are able to stay much longer.

According to numerous studies and most no longer reside kemikalsamanthi 9 Pesticides are harmful bar. The second problem is that it is very difficult to scientifically study all of these chemicals. In developed countries, agricultural producers in the fruit and vegetables produced by them are harmful chemicals that are required to be certified.

Outside the confines of Chemicals and Pesticides in greater amounts in the body and nervous system, and many other problems likely to stay longer in the body increases. The probability of depression, dementia and is mainly parkinsonijhama. End of Pesticides: stravi glands function can be interrupted.

Pesticides may be on the higher side prajananatantra men. Pesticides increased levels of semen and sperm number and quality is reduced. Some scientists believe that the number of sperm in men that dwelt in any state of the environment, hygiene standards and quality can be judged. Greater amounts of pesticides and chemicals are more likely to develop diabetes. Greater quantities of pesticides enter the body increases the likelihood of cancer. Leukemia, lymphoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, liver and lung cancer in individuals with a higher dose of pesticides are found.

What can be Managed

Pesticides and Chemicals soil, water, air and food are present. Sudrdhapane thinking and planning is required to avoid them.

First of all producers of fruits and vegetables honestly in accordance with laws of any chemical should be used. By laboratory testing of such substances entering the body should prevent harmful amounts. Before you buy the fruit and vegetables, it is important to know where he comes from. This information is often impossible to obtain. Depending on the credibility of bakers and vegetables sold should take the decision.

Organic farming people do not use harmful chemicals. Organic fruit and vegetables may be produced in kemikalamukta may be harmful. The most important step is to have fruits or vegetables before use; it should be thoroughly washed and wiped with a clean cloth.

Many people take fruits and lemon water or cleaning vinegar is advising. The outer bark is recommended to take out the fruits. Most Harmful Chemicals and Pesticides in personal precautionary measures can prevent entering the body. Fruits, delicious, beautiful, and are bracing. Pesticide use in unlimited quantities may cause damage to health. This damage can be prevented by collective and personal precautions.

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